Year in Review #33

Published on April 8, 2017

32 is the year of having a newborn.
33 is the year of witnessing the germination of our seed (:


Our world now revolves around Kate.

She has turned one and is lovely.

Given that now she can walk and talk,
she has our full attention.

Morning is to prepare her for school (childcare).
Night is to read, play, sing and sleep with her.
Weekends are planned activities.
Every day is packed..

she is the most amazing experience we can ever have.


Health gets my attention too.

Glad to shed 3 kg in 3 months
because I now skip breakfast.
(hint: commercial marketing has lead you
to believe that breakfast is most important)

Sleeping early is an accidental benefit
because singing Kate to sleep
simply makes me sleepy.


A full year was spent
on ShopBack iOS app.

The biggest gripe with work
is still daily commute
for 2 hours per day!

I can only make the best out of it
by reading books,
listening to podcasts, and
watching dramas :)

A highlight is attending WWDC 2016!
Truly inspiring conference.


By fate, I read a few philosophical books.

Ego is the Enemy,
Obstacle is the Way,
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius,
Life of Pi,
When Breath Becomes Air.

Other reads includes BFG, Flow and Tribe.

Lastly, this quote is added in 2016:

Experience does for soul what education does for your body.