Year in Review #32

Published on April 8, 2016

31 is the year of setting up a family
32 is the year of having a newborn


I had strong experience of both
life – my first child was born
and death – my best friend passed away

A big reminder of how fragile life is
yet also how wonderful it is


For 1 year 9 months
I worked solely for myself
at the comfort of my new home
enjoying total freedom

It was an amazing work-life arrangement
where I spent much more time with life
less with work

Yet I joined ShopBack
a Singapore startup with good growth


I write personal journal/diary
I hope Kate will write her journal too
so I kickstart the habit for her
by writing for her using Jade

Baby Log is another baby app
for us parents to track child’s growth, photos, poop, etc

HK Radio is launched
the trilogy of my radio apps

The first ShopBack iPhone app
is coming soon


Nurture shock is a good reminder for new parents that
bad stuff are not opposite ends of a single spectrum
e.g. a child argues because she does not lie

More self-improvement such as
How to win friends
Tribal Leadership
Remote – Office not required

There are many great lessons from Tuesday with Morrie
a right timing to read in the year where I experienced life and death


Our culture does not encourage thinking about life, until you are about to die.