Year in Review #39

Published on April 8, 2023

39 is the year of crypto meltdown

Bear Market

Lost $32,000 in Luna collapse
My worst “investment” ever
Reminder: dangers of chasing easy money

Global stock market also bearish

Another is FTX collapse
Sam Bankman-Fried was on Forbes
Selfless and smart, yet turns out to be a fraud
Trust no one


It’s exactly 1 year working for a crypto exchange app
In a way recouping from crypto 😂

First time working in CBD, in a WeWork
Taste of flexi working arrangement
Is a big freedom!

Retrenchment is real
Half of my team were gone
Uncertainty is everywhere (for tech)

Covid is over

It’s time for vacations again
Krabi, then Tokyo & fuji, then our first cruise trip

Concerts are back too
JJ Lin, Mamamoo, and upcoming BLACKPINK