My YouTube revenue in 2022

Published on March 29, 2023

The Video Script

I’m having a sore throat, so this video will be generated with the help of my cloned voice. You hear me right. This is my clone, though with an american accent.

Generative AI is impressive nowadays. If you like to clone your voice too, check out this link.

Okay, this video is to share how much I earn from YouTube for 2022.

Back in late 2021, I hit 1000 subscribers, and therefore was able to become a “partner”, at last.

I lookup the analytics for the year 2022, and… the total revenue is $395! Not bad, for a hobby. Compared to my blog, youtube earns much more, and reach much more audiences.

Anyway, these are my top 10 videos.

My subscribers grew by 356, that is 1 new subscriber a day. As ChatGPT said,

A subscriber a day,
keeps the algorithm at play,
but it’s the engagement that pays,
so like, comment, and share away.

Era of AI is here

This is my first video generated with my cloned voice. The cloning works for American accent, so it doesn’t really sound like me, yet still very impressive. If you’re curious, check out the AI voice service.