Year in Review #36

Published on April 8, 2020

36 is the year of pandemic.


COVID-19 is like a World War III
a fight against the invisible virus

I worked at home for the last 2 years
so not much affected
except for Singapore lockdown Circuit Breaker
where even schools are suspended

Home schooling for 1 month
starting on my birthday! 🎁

The stock market is once in a lifetime opportunity
crashing by 30%
not buying at the bottom is my FOMO


A 4 year old with developed intelligence
starting to remember things better than me
can play the piano better than me

Video-conferencing with teacher & friends
at just 4 year old


The arrival of my 2nd born!
We gonna suffer for a newborn again
for probably 1 last time


Joined Antler for an entrepreneurship journey
quit after realizing VC game is not for me

Dualgram is a new app
using very cool multi-cam feature on iPhone


Started a list of all the books by year instead.