On Captain Crozier and His Boss Thomas Modly

Published on April 9, 2020

If you haven’t know.. the US nuclear warship is infected by coronavirus, then the beloved captain was sacked, then the boss gave a speech to the crews.

Then the boss himself resigned.

Because his speech was leaked (transcript).

The leaked speech

The speech was actually good, explaining why he sacked Captain Crozier.

Everyone agrees on one point:

it is a mistake for a captain to email to so many others (who are not in his chain of command), causing a leak to the media.

In military, you have to obey the chain of command.

But Thomas Modly himself made some big mistakes himself.

  1. Assuming his speech will not be leaked in this information age (ironically, when he called the captain stupid/naive for thinking email will not be leaked)

  2. Calling a beloved captain stupid/naive.

Lessons to learn from the dramas

Emails will be leaked.

Speech will be recorded, and be leaked.

(I wonder how Apple’s secrecy is better than the Navy’s 🧐)

You should not call someone names, especially when that someone is well liked..

What I think about them

Captain Crozier is definitely well loved by his crew. He has thousand of sailors on his side.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly sounds like a patriot who will die for his country, and expect the same from everyone else. He values discipline, and that chain of command.

They both have their fans, and their haters.

They both made mistakes.

As President Trump said:

I may just get involved… you have two good people and they’re arguing. And I’m good, believe it or not, at settling arguments.

Wow. American politics.