Favorite Fiction Books

kind of top 10

I keep this list short, as one should have few favorite things.

Want more? Here’s all the books and my favorite non-fiction.


The moon broke into 7 pieces, and in 2 years Hard Rain (meteorites) will destroy Earth. And so human prepared to live in space. Epic storyline, 800 pages long, but you will wish for more. I have spoilers if you want.

Midnight Library

She killed herself, but has a chance to try out her other lives in the parallel universe. Which would she choose? A good read if you have lots of lingering regrets, or face some identity crisis.

The Overstory

A good story about trees, and a reflection for us human. We are committing eco-suicide.

Red Rising

Another book portraying future of mankind, with life on Mars and beyond. This is like Hunger Games where the highest status of human, known as Gold, have to play a game to become true leaders. And among the students is a rebel, a Red, who is going to infiltrate the highest order.


By Keigo Higashino. This book is about a mother and her child who switched body after an accident. As a father myself, I could empathize the struggles.

Other mysteries by the Keigo Higashino:

Brave New World

A book written in 1932, describing a utopia world where children are grown from bottles, people are always happy, and there is no concept of family. Everyone belongs to everyone (yup, sex included)! There is a parallel to current civilization.


Kind of like Brave New World, but more grim, as Big Brother is watching every movement. It is published in 1949. You will find parallels with modern propaganda and political parties.

Rosie Project, Rosie Effect, Rosie Result

This is a series of 3 books, about Prof Don Tillman, a man with Asperger’s syndrome. He is like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Very very funny 😂

I finished all 3 of the trilogy. The first is the Wife Project, and the second is on handling the relationship and pregnancy, and finally the third is on handling the son.