Book Review: Seveneves

Published on March 16, 2019

Seveneves is a 800+ pages long science fiction, with an awesome plot for an apocalypse event.

The moon got blown up one day, breaking into 7 pieces. It will take 2 years before the broken pieces rain hard on earth. And so humans have 2 years to prepare.

Human best hope is to live in space. There are many big decisions to be made. Who will be chosen to survive mankind? How are they going to survive in space (while Earth will be inhabitable for thousands of years)?

There is an excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ book which I don’t want to spoilt for you. So skip now if you hate spoilers.

But if you won’t be reading a 800+ pages long book, you might just want to know a bit more.


The book is in 3 parts:

  1. Two years before the Hard Rain
  2. During the Hard Rain
  3. 5000 years later..

The 2 years of preparation is interesting because most human will die and everyone knows. There will be roughly only 1,500 human that they can send to space.

Many “shows” have to go on. National leaders have to encourage everyone that their legacy will continue. Take as many photos, send us to keep in digital form, send us your DNA, send us your eggs and sperm, send us your heritage, etc..

At the same time they have to come up with a system that can survive in space, growing their own food etc. The solution is a swarm called the Cloud Ark, which are distributed habitats. The arklets are young boys and girls.

Girls are more important because they are essential to giving birth, while sperms can come from test tubes..

Part II is where there are internal fights. Two groups went on separate ways. The protagonist group seek shelter in Cleft, the iron core of the moon that remains, while the other group went for Mars.

Ultimately, only 7 women survived. They are the Seven-eves.

5,000 years later, the 7 eves have propagated mankind. There are 7 races, and there are 5 billion Spacers.

Some things never change. They have their own cold war.

Yet they have made Earth livable again, by smashing ice comets and seeding plants and animals.

The twist is in revealing the other survivors:

  1. Diggers - human who live underground in deep mines
  2. Pingers - human who live in submarines in deep trenches

Diggers and Pingers can very well have books of their own to explain how they have survived.

In short, they have evolved and they have their own culture. They boded certain attitudes towards Spacers. They all claim their own territory.

But they are all related.

At least for 2 of the eves. Dinah’s father was in the mines. Ivy’s fiance was the captain of a submarine.