Random #4: Japanese Never Uses Phone During Concert, Three Kingdoms

Published on January 24, 2020

Concerts in Japan - You’ll not see phones in mid air

I was watching a concert on YouTube where the crowd is very energetic, then I realize something amiss. I don’t see a single phone in the air.

I guessed it is their super polite culture; holding a phone (or worse, iPad) in mid air is disturbing. I know that problem, and developed an app that records concert with the screen dimmed.

But no, the answer is because Japan has strict rule to prohibit video taking during concerts. No matter, kudos 🇯🇵.

Quote from Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

We should read fiction books, because it helps you imagine beyond the limited realm.

Watching Three Kingdoms (2010 series)

Excellent drama, 95 episodes long, full of wits.

In episode 43 after the Red Cliff battle, you will see drama in drama. While Zhuge Liang already foresee Guan Yu will let Cao Cao off, he still makes them put on a show to their ally.

Even when defeated, Cao Cao gave an inspiring speech about failure.