App Ideas for 2020

Published on January 11, 2020

This post contains some ideas to do in 2020, a good exercise as I prepare for my 2 months in Antler.

My Skills

My skills that can be used right away: designing and developing iOS apps.

In a way, my practical skills is a constraint, but constraints can be good, as unbounded can be bad.

My Interests

A further constraint: I want to work on products that I want to use.

I want to be a user of my own product. Implicitly, this would cover consumer products – such as lifestyle, health, entertainment kind of apps.

With the skills and interests constraint, here are a few ideas, in the form of problems I have.

Problem 1: How to nurture kids in a world full of tech?

I have doubled my responsibilities recently, though this problem has been on my mind for 4 years as I raise my first child.

iPad, YouTube, and games are ruining kids.

I have seen the effect on my 10-year-old nephew, who watch rubbish YouTubers playing horror games (slashing zombies) while swearing. And YouTube excellent predictive algorithm continues to suggest more of such senseless videos..

Problem 2: There are so many good podcasts. How to consume them all?

Podcast has grown considerably in the last few years. I listen to them during long commutes, and the knowledge acquired from podcasts is great.

We have finite time, but there’s so much good podcasts out there. How do we gain knowledge quickly in this fast-paced world?

And there are so many features I want in a podcast app, and no app has done them, yet. There is clearly an opportunity in this early stage in the world of podcasts.

Problem 3: How I miss those retro phone calls in the 90s..

Before the handphones era, I used to call friends on wired house phone, and chat 1-1 without distraction. Okay, there are some distractions, but unlike modern async communications where you can take days to reply a message.

I have no issue with async communication for work – work can wait 😆.

But on a personal level, we should call friends and families on the phone, regularly. The past decade has seen a significant increase in mental health issues (depressions etc), and one reason is the lack of social interactions.

Other Ideas

Ideas are cheap. There are many, so I will keep the rest short.

  • Is there a way to contact a property owner directly?
  • How do common folks leave behind a legacy? Can everyone write a biography?
  • How to deal with so much photo taken?
  • How to teach dialect(s) to my kids?
  • What car/phone/bag/brands/gadgets are my friends using? Recommendation by friends.
  • Tools for smaller YouTuber/Podcaster to create easily.
  • Yoga/Run with friends remotely