Becoming a property agent

Published on February 28, 2024

Before I was retrenched, I utilized my SkillsFuture to study property agent course, and I passed it!

And so I went for a corporate photoshoot, like all agents 😆

I’ve always been kind of anti-agent, and I don’t recommend using agent when it comes to buying resale. But the reality is that many people still need help in finding their perfect home.

Yet common folks don’t have the tools and data.

Launch of

For a start, I am listing all the condos in Singapore, by districts, with ALL the rental and sale transactions. You will be able to see the floor and profitability (without paywall)!

I have also analyze the rentability and resale rate, and aggregated by the number of bedrooms.

An example for The Sail @ Marina Bay:

Rental Analysis of The Sail

Profitability Analysis of The Sail

Photoshopped Photoshoot 😂