I've been retrenched from Poloniex

Published on December 19, 2023

I talked about intermittent working in April 2022, which was when I joined Poloniex Crypto Exchange.

It was a wild ride, as we went into Crypto Winter in late 2022. Then retrenchment becomes a common thing.

Alas, it is my turn.

It happened today. In the morning, my manager spoke to me (over a call), explaining to me on the reasons. It was expected, and I told him no worries. Our iOS team has 4 members, while Android has 2, for the past 9 months 😅

HR are usually inefficient, but this time it is fast, and we spoke at noon and confirmed my last day exactly 1 month from now.

Just 1 month notice, no work expected from me from now on, without any severance 😞

Yet I still have a Xmas lunch buffet in office the next day 😁