Why Buy Condo Without an Agent, and More Tips

Published on February 18, 2021

This video shares 8 tips that I learnt in the past 2 years during my property hunting. Eventually I bought a $1.5m penthouse in Yishun.

  1. Buy without an agent
  2. Decoupling to save on ABSD
  3. Additional housing loan is possible (beyond income & TDSR)
  4. Fixed vs Floating interest rate
  5. Refinancing
  6. Partial repayment to bank
  7. Pay back CPF
  8. Reits as an investment

The 1st tip is probably controversial. You gain an advantage when you don’t use a property agent!

Because of the way agents’ commission is being awarded, seller agent has to share the commission with buyer agent. But who would want to share a pot of gold?

Advocating for no middleman

I never like middleman, as they take commission from us yet has little value to add. I bought a used car without agent, and sold my HDB without agent.

Our generation can now look up propertyguru.com and 99.co easily. Legal matters will be assisted by the conveyancing law firm. The process is clear (if in doubt, ask the conveyancing lawyers).

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

RECOMMENDS ❤️ Standard Chartered

My home mortgage is from Standard Chartered Bank and I highly recommend them because they are cheap and good. They are a all-rounded bank with good culture/service/experience.

I am NOT sponsored to praise them.

My Package

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The conveyancing law firm I used is one of the biggest in Singapore, conveniently located in Toa Payoh Hub, and their pricing is the cheapest – Nett $2,675.

Their panel includes SCB, and probably every bank in Singapore.