GameStop & The Retard Factor

Published on January 28, 2021

This week is very exciting time for stock traders. There’s a war between Wall Street and Retail Investors (Retards).

This is the scene just before the market opens. 😂

Seeing an opening scene like that, I can’t help but join in the revolution.

I bought 2 shares of GameStop at $257 each. ✌🏻

I am okay to lose $514.

Who else is in it?

I got interested when I first saw Elon Musk tweeted “Gamestonk”. He hates short seller, and he proved them wrong.

Chamath Palihapitiya - another billionaire, unconventional, but respectably smart - supported the YOLO revolution with a $115 call.

He argued on CNBC, again. No youtube links because CNBC would not publish what is bad for them and the hedge fund managers.

Here’s an extract of the rant:

Who was right on $TSLA? Every single retail investor; Let me tell you who was wrong, every single hedge fund. When it comes to innovation, growth & useful things for the world, if it doesn’t fit into the mold Wall St wants, they organize against it.

Beware of everything. Especially so when the hedge fund manager said he closed out his short position. He could be lying. He could have short even more.

The Retard Factor

This will be a great lesson in the world of investing.

Hedge funds use lots of models and factors to calculate their intrinsic price, but they didn’t account for the retard factor.

/r/wallstreetbets self-claim that they are retards, degenerates and autist.

Q: What is your exit strategy?
A: What is an exit?

We can stay retarded longer than you can stay solvent.

Buy high, sell never.

They’re cute.

But they have proved a point. The power of a community is greater.

Apes together strong.

If you’re going to short a stock, think again.