Year in Review #37

Published on April 6, 2021

37 is the year without traveling

Circuit Breaker

1 year ago on Apr 7
confined at home for 2 months
home-based learning for Kate in her K1
zoom conference from such a young age


With our number 2
we did our part replacing population

Babies are the cutest
should spend time to enjoy the cuteness
go work more when older
when they don’t need nor want us

Kate is now 5
already better than me in some things
don’t need us for many things


Decided to break my tradition (of joining a company)
and not work for anyone for few more years

Had a few interviews
kind of self-discovery sessions
finding myself unsuitable to work


Interviewer asks: How I consider success?

For Dualgram
I see people post their videos
Proud that my app has helped these influencers

My other apps have impact on this world too
Poo Keeper: 1.4 million poops logged in last 1 year
SG Radio: 40 years of listening time in last 1 year


142 days of watch time in last 1 year

Why vlog?
Because videos as memories much better