How to Change a Light Switch

Published on April 17, 2021

I got electrocuted when replacing the light switch..

My mum said that would be my 2nd electrocution. The 1st happened when I was 5 years old, in our 老家 (kampong old house), when the refrigerator has electricity running all over!

Many lessons learnt:

  1. Always turn OFF the Distribution Box (DB) first, because faulty switch/appliances can cause electricity to “overflow”.

  2. Different switch models have different wirings. Livolo has 1 L, while Schneider has 2 COM (for 2 gang).

  3. All the COM must be connected with a short wire, otherwise other rooms might not work!

  4. For Singapore, neutral wire are found at the light, not the switch.

  5. The green-yellow wire is for grounding (NOT neutral)

Electrical wiring in a Singapore home

Electrical wiring in a Singapore home

Diagram for Livolo (touch) Switch

Connect the brown wires with markings for the lights. Electrician will usually draw lines with black markers to indicate which light they connect to.

Then squeeze the rest of the brown wires into the “L” socket.

Diagram for Schneider (physical) Switch

Each COM has to connect 1 brown wire, and a short extra wire to connect from COM to COM.

For my temporary solution (not like the above diagram), I connect 2 brown wires into 1 COM, because I don’t have an extra short wire. L2 light will not work, but I am ok with that.