Win $100 When You Track Poop With My App 💩

Published on February 19, 2020

I made this shitty app since 2014.

While this app sounds like a joke, it really is a health app. I have doctor recommending the app to his patients, and then I built a PDF export feature for him.

There is a mother who needs the app to remind his child who has encopresis.

Then in 2019, the number of poops tracked hit the fan 1 MILLION.

1 million poop

A campaign to win $100

Today, a group of NTU students is running a campaign to promote early detection of colorectal cancer. While this is a Final Year Project (FYP), they put in lots of effort.

Firstly, they push me, and paid for the development of Poo Keeper Android app!

Now they run a campaign to promote my app. 🙏🙏

Download Poo Keeper, and stand a chance to win $100 CapitaLand vouchers.