Jade Cleared Her Jaundice on Day 42

Published on February 17, 2020

Baby Jade was tested with high level of neonatal jaundice at 4 days old, but I refused to go back for testing on the next day (as advised). Instead, we went back 2 weeks later.

  1. Day 4: Jaundice level 253 - first test in polyclinic
  2. Day 17: Jaundice level 137
  3. Day 24: Jaundice level 115
  4. Day 31: Jaundice level 107 - got to go for injection anyway
  5. Day 42: Jaundice level 61 - Cleared with direct bilirubin test

In total, Jade took 5 blood tests, which is still better than her sister’s record of 11 blood tests.

The goal is to have a measurement below 100, so as to be discharged, and be able to buy insurance.

A note on Day 31

We have an appointment for BCG vaccine anyway.

So we did a jaundice blood test too.

For baby older than 30 days, doctor will advise to do a direct bilirubin test, drawing much more blood than usual test.

But I refused, and opt to do a normal blood test.

I took a gamble, because the doctor say if the normal blood test is below 100, then baby can still be discharged.

While inaccurate, I don’t believe it will differ much.

It turned out the jaundice level is still higher than 100. But I believe I made a right decision, saving some of Jade’s blood 😆

Jaundice treatment in 2020 is still bullshit.