Sell Your Car Directly, with Carro

Published on June 14, 2017

I recently sold my Peugeot 207, without selling to oppressive car dealers.

When I bought the car 2 years ago, I bought it directly from the owner.

It is cheaper for buyer (and higher value for seller), and isn’t that complicated to transfer ownership. I have the steps.

Now, it’s my turn to sell

Of course, I would prefer to sell direct.

Yet I understand it takes time and effort when you take matters into your own hands.

When I bought the Peugeot, I could be the tenth potential buyer who test drive the car. How do I know? Because I saw a stack of indemity forms the seller had..

Nonetheless I posted on Carousell Motors, sgcarmart, and Carro.

It was Carro who eventually sold the car, so a huge shoutout to them.

Carro tagline – Fastest Way to Sell Your Car for More

That’s exactly what I want.

Carro is a Singapore startup with very good growth, and has the best looking website and technologies.

Take a look at the post for my Peugeot.

Key information is nicely presented Key information is nicely presented

Carro didn’t stop at just Along the way I found, which let you check on the price of your car in the past months! And there is, their subsidiary on financing.

That is definitely the work of a great startup.

Sold in 1 month

Not sure if we are lucky, or that we sell at very reasonable price - depreciation of just $7,000!

Or it could be that Carro’s team is doing a good job.

From what I heard, Carro salesman don’t get commission out of the sale. Instead, they get paid monthly, so as a team they help one another.

Carro charges the seller a fixed $250, and none from buyer, for their match-making service. They probably also earn from their in-house loan service.

Oppressive car dealers can easily earn $4,000, by squeezing the price from both seller and buyer.

To summarize:

  • Carro: Sold at $17,500 - $250 fee = $17,250
  • Car dealers: At best $14,000
  • Difference = $17,250 - $14,000 = $3,250

Indeed with Carro, we sold for – $3,250 – more.

It was a great experience and I would recommend Carro to all.