Everything I Never Told You

Published on May 30, 2017

This is a story about a family of 5, and it begins with the elder daughter found dead in the lake.

Lydia has committed suicide.

The novel then reveals every secret that each family member has.

Especially the parents, who love Lydia very much, yet they didn’t know what she really feels.

This is a great novel read at a right time.

While I have only a 2 year old girl, I can put myself in the shoes of the parents.

We, parents, should never force our dreams onto our children.

In Lydia’s case, it is very sad because she loves her parents very much.

Hence it became her habit to say “yes” to make them happy. She has to put on mask and fake smiles.

She has no friends, yet she has to pretend to talk on the phone because her father wants her to be sociable.

Her dad gave her How to Win Friends & Influence People for her birthday. Ah, I have that book too..