Review of Ocean Dolphin Water Filter System

Published on September 5, 2016

I was in for a shock when I was back home – my mum bought a water filter system for $888!

This Ocean Dolphin system is so plain, with 4 water filters in a cheap casing.

The 4 water filters

I totally lost confidence when I saw the typo on the casing.


The Typo..

I was afraid the water is not even safe for drinking. And so I began to find out more about the company and the machine.

The Website

Online presence is very important, and clearly is a negative example.

This is their product info, a super big piece of image, with lots of typo:

Product Info

The pricing on the website is different everywhere. Some times $1,888, other times $999. My mum paid $888, after trading in for a spoilt vacuum.

The shopping cart doesn’t work anyway.

This website is built by a web development company in Singapore, based on a free wordpress theme.

I am disgusted.

Wordpress free theme

If this ocean dolphin business is legit and safe, they got to improve their website.

False Content and Truly Copy Writing

This is one of their testimony.

Turn old man into pretty lady

It can turn a seventy old man into a pretty lady!

If you read their knowledge base, their product information are screenshots of another chinese product.

Copy and paste is everywhere.


My mum already paid $100 deposit, and the rest is by monthly installment.

We are going to return the unit. I would have asked for refund for the $100 deposit, but my mum felt that the $100 is alright, because the salesman did make a few trips to close this sale.

Perhaps my mum is really rich.

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