I think that Starbucks staff likes me..

Published on March 3, 2016

Because I bought only a cappuccino, and she gave me 3 Macchiato Layer Cards - which entitles me to 1 free macchiato!

What is Macchiato Layer Cards?

When she handed me the cards, I just obediently took it.

I read the text on the card many times, because I just could not believe it. She gave me 3 cards, which would immediately give me 1 free macchiato.

That don’t make sense, since I bought only 1 cappuccino.

And I realised no one else ordering drinks has the cards, not even 1 card.

I was so puzzled that I searched for more information about this card, which the official Starbucks website and Facebook page did not mention a thing. But at last I find something on this website:

Till 8 March 2016, you can collect Macchiato Layer Cards everytime you purchase a handcrafted beverage. The cards represent the ingredients needed to create the Macchiato beverages such as Velvety Steamed Milk, Bold Espresso and Crosshatch drizzle. You stand a chance to redeem a tall Macchiato beverage with every full set of three Macchiato Layer Cards collected while stocks last.

So, I should get 1 card for 1 beverage.

But she gave me 3..

I think she likes me..