Mobile services that are out to scam us

Published on March 17, 2016

Recently my dad’s phone bill has an additional $26.16, listed under “Value Added Services” under the name Convey Global Pte Ltd-Games.

I called the phone number provided (8001301530), and was able to find out what happened.

Apparently, he could have accessed the service in 2 ways:

  1. Going to and voluntarily key in his mobile number
  2. He could have seen an advertisement (from any apps or website), tap on a button, and automatically be charged for the service, via the telco.

The second way is ABSURD.

He, or anyone, could have tapped on the button without knowing the consequences of paying $$.

Telcos have ganged up with company like this “Convey Global Pte Ltd-Games” to earn easy money out of consumers.

There will be many people would have paid the bill, without questioning M1/Singtel/Starhub.

What’s more, this service automatically re-subscribes week after week. Therefore on the bill there are “4 access”.


I called and disputed over the uncanny techniques they used. They agreed to reverse the charges, and also helped to unsubscribe from the service, forever.


However, 4 months after the call, I still have not receive the refund on my bills.

I called M1, and they said it is not possible to have these premium services refund the charges through the bill.

So I called them again. They acknowledged the mistake in not processing the refund.

I asked for alternative refund method, and they said they could send me via Paypal.

I have to wait up to 21 days for them to send the payment. I will update this post again when I receive the refund.

Premimum Rate Services Barring Service

This is a service to bar all services.

It is free to activate for the first time.

I encourage everyone to barr these services, since there is no added value for their “premium services”. It is more likely consumers will be scammed than to actually use.