Getting Rid of Sanebox and Airmail, and back to Gmail

Published on January 2, 2015

2 years ago, I subscribed to Sanebox to improve my email lifestyle.

My 2 years subscription has ended, and I have decided it is not worth $5/mth at all, for the following reasons:

  • Sanebox lags in labelling the emails. So when you open your email client (e.g. Airmail), you will find some emails in Inbox, before it takes some seconds to move to the labels.
  • Gmail new Inbox Tabs categorisation works pretty good
  • $5/mth is too much

Better Alternative - Gmail

Over the 2 years, Gmail has improved.

I like their new Tabbed Inbox, which is basically a smart filtering into these 4 new categories: Social, Updates, Forum and Promotions.

Inbox is where all the important emails that must be read, while the 4 new categories shall contain those can-be-skipped emails.

A neat feature is that Gmail will tell you which are the “new emails” every time you access the category (just read the subject without opening the email).

And they rightfully drop the “feature” to show number of unread emails! With that, I don’t have to strive for zero unread mails anymore :)

On desktop, I can use On mobile, I can use their native app. All free.

Ditching Airmail too

Few years ago, I bought Airmail for around $10 because it’s interface is much better than Mail.

But with Yosemite, they release Airmail 2.0, and they are charging once again for previous 1.x users! No free update!

That’s quite disgusting as they are not even updating Airmail 1.x to be compatible with Yosemite.

While I understood it could be justifiable to pay for a major version of an app, I think Airmail is no longer necessary as I am falling back to using on the web, and Gmail app on mobile.

So bye bye Airmail and Sanebox.

You are not featured in my new year 2015 (: