My Big Day

Published on January 4, 2015

Some 20 months ago, we booked our wedding venue at Rasa Sentosa.

In the midst of that long and tedious preparation, I had some regrets doing a traditional banquet.. At one point, I was wondering: why didn’t I stick to my initial idea of a simple buffet with a small group of friends and families?

Why did I spend so much time for a mere 1 day event?

Yet, I pulled through, and I am very happy (:

Everything went well, and 15 Nov 2014 is our most memorable day!

This post is to recap of how that day went.

Gate Crashing

I dread gate crashing.

But thanks to these brothers, we got through.

No thanks to these intimidating sisters..

No Rain for Our Outdoor Solemnisation

Our biggest worry is the weather, because our solemnisation is held at the beachfront of Rasa Sentosa.

It happens to be the rainy season, and every day it pours.

Yet, it didn’t rain on the day before, so we were worried the clouds wouldn’t be able to hold back during our big day..

But we were blessed, and it was good weather throughout our wedding! In fact a few hours after our lunch banquet ended, it started to rain.

And we love the beautiful beachfront of Rasa Sentosa.

It’s one of the main reason why we selected Rasa Sentosa.

Video Montage

I spent a month creating our wedding video montage, as I felt only I can rightfully tell our story.

Here it is if you didn’t know our story:

Great Luncheon

Food from Rasa Sentosa is excellent. The quality is consistent - wedding show, food tasting session, or actual day - it’s always that delicious!

Everything went well during the lunch.

Once again, thanks to all friends who had helped to make the event successful.

Anyway, the videos are taken by Terry, who is the Tea at Coffee & Tea.

Our Favourite Hotel

Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa is now our all time favourite hotel.

Not only because we had a memorable wedding held there, but also because we were given 2 nights to experience how good a resort it is.

Rasa Sentosa is a top notch hotel resort with fantastic views from half of their rooms (they have half facing the beach/sea, while another half face the not-so-good “hill”).

We stayed the first night in their deluxe sea view suite, which has private outdoor jacuzzi facing the South China Sea.

If your eyes can ignore the ships, the sea view is pretty good.

The Panoramic Sea View Room

We had our 2nd night in a panoramic sea view room because we got it from a lucky draw.

It doesn’t have a private jacuzzi, yet it is the best hotel room I had stayed.

The panoramic view of the resort is awesome.

And the staggered design of their balconies is beautiful.

Not to mention their excellent services, delicious breakfast, and their drink-all-you-want-foc fridge.

And there is so much you can do on the island.

e.g. I had a run along sentosa beach in the early morning, which is so serene. It is nothing like the crowded day.

It’s a hotel that we want to stay in again.

Perhaps for our x-anniversary (: