created on Valentine's Day

Published on February 15, 2009

How apt it is to create on a Valentine’s Day.

I bought the domain on sudden impulse, on my very first try as I look to buy one for SG Girls. It is available, and so I bought it! This is my 2nd domain name, and it nicely complements my (:

This domain is bought so that I could work on a series of XX Girls apps. XX refers to countries abbreviations, such as SG, JP, KR, VN, MY, CN, etc..

In just one day, I created website. It is just one webpage to introduce the SG Girls iPhone app, but I am greatly satisfied with what I have produced.

Mind you, I am no web designer! I am a pure mobile developer!

Last note: Can someone remind me not to do the same thing on next Valentine? It is unhealthy.