SG Wireless

Published on February 7, 2009

SG Wireless automatically logs on to hotspots such as Wireless@SG.

The app will remember your hotspot provider, username and password. Each time you start SG Wireless, the app will immediately logs on to the connected hotspot! One click is all you need to get connected!

SG Wireless is similar to paid apps such as AutoWiFi, Easy Wi-Fi and devicescape. However, SG Wireless is FREE. Download it from App Store today!

Words from the developer

SG Wireless was developed to solve one problem with Wireless@SG - clumsy and slow login. I developed SG Wireless just to solve this problem, but it probably would not work for all hotspots!

I can only claim that it works in Northpoint, Yishun.

As every providers (QMax, Singtel, iCell) have different login behaviours and their depolyed hotspots could have different versions, it makes the work very difficult. If you encounter any problem, please help by GetSatisfaction.

Work on auto login to other hotspots such as NUS is also in progress.

Get connected, and have fun (: