What really is iPhone 3.0 ?

Published on March 21, 2009

Copy & paste, MMS, Bluetooth A2DP audio, and all other features are what we have been using in all other smartphone platforms.

All features announced during the iPhone 3.0 sneak preview event are all common features we have seen in Symbian, Window Mobile, BlackBerry and other smartphones. They are just a bunch of common features, so easily explained that a simple changelog text file should suffice. I shall still list them:

  • Copy & paste text/photos
  • SMS forwarding
  • Deleting individual SMS
  • MMS
  • In-app purchase
  • Push notification
  • Peer-to-peer Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth A2DP Audio
  • Safari login credentials
  • Device search
  • 3G tethering

If the features are so common, then what really is iPhone 3.0 that makes everyone so excited ?

iPhone 3.0 is really just another perfect product by Apple.

In every version of iPhone (3.0/2.0/1.0), it is a perfect phone (yes, you can still improve what is already perfect). What Apple does is that in whatever features they promised to release, they make sure that it is perfect and it is something both themselves and the users would be proud of.

When everyone is proud of, it is perfect.

We have seen how proud Apple is when they announced the phones and its new features. They would always present enthusiastically and proudly, such that it makes me forgotten that I had used copy & paste on my first Symbian phone 8 years ago. When developers can present what they have so proudly and confidently, it must be good. I know that.

And we can see end-users are so proud of the phone as they would always pull it out of their pocket (and do nothing but to show off). In iPhone 2.0, many users proudly live without cut & paste or SMS forwarding, and they could still forgive Apple for the lack of these, as in their mind the iPhone is perfect in what it has.

There is really not much to talk about the new features in more details than what was presented in Apple Keynote. We simply need to know it is another perfect phone with the list of new features as stated.