Korean Drama List

My Favorite Korean Drama


The 1st episode has a very touching flashback. The dad quits his job to start his company, and so the wife left him, and they split up their 2 girls. The dad finally got funded, but he died because of a car accident..

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The World Of The Married

This is a 16 episodes thriller around a husband extra-marital affair, causing the family to break up, and the son is greatly affected. There are lessons to be learnt: divorce is not as simple as signing a paper, love is complicated (can you love 2?), your tie with your child is forever.

If I love someone, it is a romance, but if others do, it is an affair.

You can cry just listening to this and this.

Bad Papa

I am a dad to my little Kate, so I can feel the relationship.

The papa is a champion boxer, 11 years ago, but because of an allegedly match fixing, his family became poor. So poor, as he struggles life with his wife and daughter. It is a struggle for reality – money.

Then he chanced upon a secret drug that turns him into a superhuman for 3 min. And he goes back fighting in MMA, at the age of 35.. Heartwarming plot showing how much he loves his daughter. This is drama dedicated to all dads.

Descendants of the Sun

While this is mainly a love story between a commando and a doctor, the part where the earthquake happening is very touching.

Fated to Love You

This is an adaptation of a Taiwanese drama. A very lovely story started with an accidental one-night stand, but the guy took responsibility, and eventually truly loves her. Then came the tragic..

W - Two Worlds

The other world is a comic world. A romance story develops between characters from the 2 worlds.