How to do LPA online

Published on January 26, 2023

Lasting Power Attorney (LPA) has been on my TODO for 3 years. At last, I have done it for my parents & myself. All thanks to the new online system launched in November 2022.

The new process is now much easier. No more physical forms, and donees can accept easily! Everything is via SingPass 👍🏻

The only fee is to pay the Certificate Issuer to endorse you’re sane (there’s also an LPA fee, but it is waived).

The Steps

  1. Go to LPA website and apply for an LPA
  2. Donee(s) have to go to LPA website to accept the appointment
  3. Find a Certificate Issuer and bring phone with SingPass

The online Form 1

Finding Certificate Issuer

Turns out the last step is the HARDEST, if you want to pay a fair price. This ST Forum post is genuine.

But when I called a few clinics near my home, I was cited fees that ranged from $75 to $250.

I called a few clinics in Yishun,

  • Faircare Family Clinic: $70
  • Healthway Medical: $61, monday 6-7pm by appointment only!
  • Others: As high as $90

I went on to call some in the Top 10 list, and finally got the cheapest,

  • Lim Clinic @ Ang Mo Kio: $40

The job of the CI is to ask you a few questions, make sure you’re sane, and double confirm you’re not coered to do the LPA. It can be done within 10 min.

To pay $250, perhaps to a busy lawyer, will be overpaying. 💸