Review of Shangri-la Hotel Staycation

Published on July 13, 2022

We paid $492 for 1 night, inclusive of breakfast and $100 dining, which is enough for 2 adults + 2 kids. We even had enough leftover credits to buy delicious breads from The Shophouse.

Shangri-la (near Orchard) is truly a hotel for family with children. It has a large indoor play (Buds) and a decent water play (Splash), all in tip-top condition and sparsely crowded, since it is opened to guests only.

1 night is enough to do all the activities, in fact it was still pretty rush when you have children..

Worthy of 5-stars. The only disappointment was their water play rule:

No adults are allowed on the water slides

I was ready to slide down, side-by-side with Kate, but was stopped by the guard. I have to climb my way down the ropes.. 😭

Hey, can’t you relax and let adults have some fun?