Review of Glamping at Kranji resort farm

Published on December 29, 2021

⭐️⭐️☆☆☆ Not glamorous, especially the toilets

This review is to set your expectation right, because I was expecting a high standard and service, since it cost $300, which is even more than a night in The Fullerton Hotel.

We still had fun.

Because no matter how bad an accommodation is, you must still have fun. 🤟🏻

What is bad?

1. Camp site

On grass patch, and there is mud. Luckily never rain for us. Can’t imagine if it did.

A mess with different crate boxes as overlay, some with artificial grass overlay, some without. The gaps are big enough for feet to get stuck in. And my kid did. Not child friendly.

2. Toilet

The most important amenity, and it is dirty and small, with no shower. Shared with the 10+ tents, AND also the 24-hr prawning place.

3. BBQ

No access to water for washing, so must go to toilet, which has 2 small sinks.

Tip: Best to finish before nightfall, because the only light source is the battery powered lights they overhang.

4. Beds

Not futon (I was expecting comfy Japanese kind). They use (cheap) airbeds, which is not comfortable, and you can easily disturb your partner/kid with the slightest movement.

To their credit, the aircon works well and is cold enough.

5. Party

We have neighbours partying till 3am. I count sheep till 3am.. Tents are near to one another (was expecting much more privacy).

6. Activities

Some tips on activities near the glamping site. Firstly, remember you can’t shower there. So if you are dirty from the ATV etc..

  • Prawning - $20 and we caught absolutely nothing!
  • Kranji Marshes - the walk to Raptor Tower (where the marshes is) is very far, around 20 min
  • Bollywood veggies - should be a nice farm, but closed mon-wed
  • Hay Dairies - Goat feeding is interesting

This review is only for Kranji Farm Resort. While the experience is memorable, it is probably our last. 🤣