How to buy and stake on

Published on December 25, 2021

Previously I shared my portfolio allocation plan. In this video I show how I buy USDC and then stake them to earn 10% interest.

There is no credit card fee on the first 30 days, so I use my Wise credit card as much as possible, because their FX is the lowest.

Thereafter, I will use fiat. For Singapore, it will be through StraitsX. There will be 2 fees:

  1. FX loss of ~0.6% (by when we buy using SGD
  2. When withdrawing back from StraitsX to Singapore bank there is a 0.4% fee

The staking rewards from Crypto Earn is awesome for USDC (and all stablecoins) and also Polygon and Polkadot.

But for Solana, they offer only 3%. I know how to get 6.5% by delegating directly via Solflare wallet. That will be the next video. 🤟🏻

The only constant is change. Interest rate will change.