SISTIC Screwed Up JJ Online Concert

Published on July 11, 2021

I don’t go to many concerts, but I had a great Cat 1 experience in 2018.

So when JJ is doing an online edition during this difficult COVID era, I bought a $38 ticket, invited some friends, got ourselves excited, as we stream live from the TV.

But it was an utter disappointment.

Because SISTIC and their “technology partner” could not handle the load.

The video is from a better period already. Most of the other time, we stare at a total black screen. Blank. Nothing.

Oh, except a very live chat.

Luckily, we still in Phase 2 and I can’t invite 20 people to my house.

SISTIC is a shame

As a Singaporean and a software engineer, I am ashamed of this “leading ticketing company” from Singapore.

I should have expected they can screw up, since they have trouble even with online ticketing sales on their website. BTW, Sportshub is not any better.

How to make Singapore a Smart Nation liddat.

Choose your partner carefully

In business, we need to choose our partner very carefully.

I believe SISTIC use an external streaming platform when COVID disrupted their business, and they moved from in-person concerts to live streaming. It is the right thing to do for their business.

Nonetheless, it is their responsibility to make sure that their partner can handle the huge load from live streaming.

They have failed to do so.

JJ also has chosen the wrong partner – SISTIC – a mediocre ticketing platform.

Is refund enough?

SISTIC has apologized and will issue refund. We don’t know it is partial or full, nor do we know if the money is coming from SISTIC or JJ’s pocket.

But most importantly, as my friend Jes said

I don’t want refund!!! I want to watch the LIVE show!

The frustration, the time wasted, and the lost experience cannot be compensated.

Businesses need to remember that.