Set a Record for HDB Rental

Published on June 23, 2021

Last month, I posted a house tour of my parents’ 4-room HDB in Yishun.

My parents rented it out at a record high of $2,800/mth.

Prior to listing the property, I research and tabulate the 30 HDB blocks nearby, in the last 1 year.

  • Lowest $1,200
  • Highest $2,400
  • Average $1,998
  • Median $2,000

I listed it on Carousell for $2,500 initially (just $100 more than highest), but the offer came in higher and higher, and we ended up taking a 2-year corporate lease for $2,800/mth.

The only difference with corporate lease is that the company is the one paying for the tenants (the tenants still pay for water/gas/electricity and others).

I share 4 tips:

  1. Don’t use property agent
  2. Have ample time & use the 37% rule
  3. Be transparent
  4. Negotiate