Review of Sembawang Hot Spring

Published on July 2, 2020

I visited Yishun’s most touristy place: the one and only hot spring in Singapore.

The hot spring had a renovation and reopened in early 2020. Up to thousands would visit that small place in a single day.

I went on a Thursday morning, during Phase 2 of safe nation. Thankfully it wasn’t crowded.

You also need social distancing now.

The common foot bath are can no longer have everyone squeezed like sardine. As a side effect, the water is also less gross. Thank god.

Tip 1: Bring your own bucket

I thought they provide nice wooden pails, so I didn’t bring one. They did provide at first, for free, but people abused it – stood on it, broke it, brought it home..

So now they lock up the pails.

If you’re feeling rich, you can also buy foot bucket at the eatery there for $8.50.

Tip 2: The hygiene way

The maintenance uncle said he clean the foot bath area twice a week.

It is gross, and he advises us to use our own pail.

“See those dead skin and dirt in the water? In the morning, they become a thick green gross of whatever.”

Tip 3: The eggs

There is an area for cooking your eggs. The 70 degrees celsius water keeps flowing. If you run hot water for 15 minutes, you’ll get soft boiled egg.

Unlikely you can cook hard boiled egg.

The maintenance uncle won’t eat any egg cooked there. 😄


The hot spring is a beautiful park.

A nice place to relax and bath your feet.

I would take the advise and use the water for only my feet, and in my own pail.