How You Can Earn $22 of Free Money From Coinbase

Published on June 4, 2019

Coinbase is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange, and they have recently started a programme that rewards users with free money, by watching and learning about cryptocurrency.

It’s a win-win deal.

I have long wanted to learn about cryptocurrency, and now I can earn $22, just by spending a few minutes watching their pretty good eLearning videos.

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Sign Up First

Before you can earn your free money, sign up with Coinbase first.

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Watch & Earn

With an account, you can now access

Coinbase Earn

You can start some of the courses immediately, while some will place you on waitlist first.

I have completed 3 courses so far.

  1. Basic Attention Token - $12 BAT
  2. Zcash - $5 ZEC
  3. EOS - $10 EOS

The quality of the video is very good. At the end of the video, there will be 1 easy quiz. And then your reward.

Special Mention: Brave Browser

Brave is a new web browser with built-in ad blocker, and it rewards you with BAT as you use it.

I wrote about Brave previously. Highly recommended.

You can download with my affiliated link, before you earn the $10 BAT from Coinbase 🤠

Free BAT money