I Bought GoPro HERO 7 Black

Published on November 25, 2018

I used to own a HERO 3, but sold it 2 years ago, and then preached others NOT to buy GoPro anymore.

I take back my words..

GoPro has a place in the world of cameras.

1. Because your phone is not waterproof

One of the unique selling point of GoPro is that it can be used underwater.

As mobile phone keeps getting better, and with iPhone X eventually reaching IP67, I thought there is no place for GoPro anymore.

Then my iPhone X goes nuts and the inside is corroded.

So, until Apple makes a truly waterproof phone, I will never risk my phone again, no matter how high the resistant rating is, or seeing such video.

Risking a $1,888 phone is dumb.

The best GoPro model costs around $500.

2. Because of gimbal-like stabilization

I despise GoPro because they use software based stabilization (EIS), and it was not as great as Apple or Sony devices, which utilize gyroscope hardware (OIS).

OIS is far more superior than EIS.

I eat my words, for now.

Because in the new HyperSmooth technology by GoPro, they somehow make a much better stabilization. I take my hat off to them.

I can now produce better quality video in minutes.

The Bad with GoPro

GoPro has build a big brand, with impressive ecosystem of accessories, cloud, and relevant software around it.

I am impressed with the Quik iOS app, which makes video editing much easier.

But there is more they have to do.

GoPro and Quik apps are still buggy. And Quik macOS app is an abandoned child – you cannot add overlay text, or edit to use audio, and with only 10 free music tracks (while the iOS has 100+).

Unfortunately GoPro is in crunch time, and they can only focus on a handful of things.

I am also not impressed with GoPro Plus at $5/mth, with only 35 hours video storage. It reminds me of flickr (which gave unlimited storage), but which I will ditch soon, in preference for my own NAS.