Revamp of SG Football App, 10 Years Later

Published on June 1, 2018

10 years ago, I launched my iOS career with my very own first app.

But I did not update the app for 4 years, and it was badly broken for the last 2 years..

With World Cup 2018 coming, I rewrote the app last week. It is now ready for world cup fever!

Version 3

This is the 3rd major change for the app. An overhaul of the internals.

Lots of changes to the interface to use the the new stuff in iOS 11, and supporting the iPhone X form factor.

Design was largely different from 2008. iPhone 3G were the days.

Typefont and interface is now cleaner, and dynamically adjust for larger text fonts.

Looking at my code 10 years ago, I see how my code has evolved for the better. For more details, refer to my tech blog.