Remembering Avicii

Published on May 15, 2018

Avīci is the lowest level of Buddhist hell.

It is also the stage name for one of the best DJ – Avicii.

Here are some of his best music, and quotes.

Avicii 10 Rules to Success

Laugh at critics.

Love what you do.

And have fun.

Try to figure out what you’re most passionate about in life, and what you’re good at. And the mixture between those two, and then you should give it your all, all the time.

Waiting For Love

Wake Me Up

The Night

When I die, I want to be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made.

One day my father—he told me, “Son, don’t let it slip away”

Your wild life will live for younger days. Think of me if ever you’re afraid.

He said, “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.”

Best Stage Moments

For A Better Day