Our App at Battle Hack 2015

Published on March 30, 2015

I joined Paypal-organized hackathon in Singapore, with an idea after knowing I will soon become a father.

I usually go solo in hackathon, but this time we formed a team because Siu Yin and Joshua very much wanted to work on my idea. Kudos to them!

Screenshots of the final app:

My journal entries - for my coming kid

A demo entry

The journal can be handed over when the kid is old enough to write

The 10 second sketched icon by my friend Dikae

It was an awesome hackathon. The best I have ever been to.

Constant food. And I mean good food. There’s coffee barista to make that cappuccino when you need it, and we had Rochor beancurd with youtian (油条) for supper.

My eye-opener moment was the massage.

Yeah, a 15 minute back, shoulder and head massage. It was so good after hours of hacking.

Never are developers are so well taken care of.