Newfound Interest: Interior Design

Published on December 8, 2013

I am rather surprised that I didn’t play a game of DOTA 2 for my weekend.

Interior design has won me over. Or won over my games.

I have a motivation - my BTO (Yishun Natura) will be completed in around mid 2014, and so it’s time

These are the things I did:

  • Sketch up my floor plan
  • Create a 3D model
  • Space planning
  • Draft the concept/theme wanted

I am very proud of creating the floor plan and 3D model, so I am going to tell you more about it.

Although I learnt Maya 3D, I chose to use Google SketchUp because it has less feature and is supposedly easier to use. It’s a great choice.

Starting with a floor plan on paper..

I am able to create a detailed layout in SketchUp shortly!

I couldn’t find the thickness for the HDB walls, so I estimated the thick wall is 25 cm and normal wall is 12 cm.

With 2 clicks, I erected the walls (which I estimated to be 2.6 m).

Then I added doors, with models from Google Warehouse (which has a million models!).

Then I hacked away my kitchen windows to create a wet/dry kitchen and added a sliding glass door.

Then spending another few hours to add Yishun Natura’s green tinted windows, paint the walls white, and add some furnitures.

This is the end result from my weekend, and I’m proud of it (:

PS: I will likely still engage a interior designer. This is just for fun, not doing his job.