Bangkok, and 4DX movie experience

Published on September 22, 2013

I went to Bangkok recently for a holiday, and did the usual activities - eat, shop, and massage..

However, there is something else special that Bangkok has.

They have 4DX movie!

I watched Kick Ass 2 at Paragon Cineplex, which is conveniently near Central World.

I’ve got to say it makes the fight scenes the most exciting I ever experienced. Whenever they throw punches, your back gets a jab, and your seat moves!

At just 400 baht (around $16), it is worth it!

Kick Ass 2 is only an average movie, so I hope to catch something else next time :)

PS 1: A tip. Buy the cheaper 400 baht ticket (side seats), and “upgrade” yourself to the 500 baht ticket (center seats), if it is empty. I bought our tickets over the counter just minutes before the movie starts, and there were still many seats available, so no worries.

PS 2: The theatre had a glitch and the vocal track was muted in the first 5 minutes, and they had to reboot the system. I must be a movie jinx. I experienced a GV glitch this year, an IMAX glitch last year, and another glitch in Manila..