Why You Should Have A Programmer as a Spouse

Published on July 5, 2013

Last Saturday, mrs-ong ask me to help send an SMS broadcast to all her students.

Apparently the school has an emergency relay message (about the haze), and form teachers have to ensure all their students read the message on their electronic board.

She was in the midst of her 3-hour korean class, hence she asked for my help.

She sent me an org-chart document filled with table cells.

Hell. Women always make life difficult for men. It’s not even a nice looking CSV. Therefore I have to create a python script to extract all the mobile numbers.

Then I use SMS Spreader - a Google Spreadsheet that sends bulk SMS using Hoiio API - which I created 2 years ago.


All SMS sent with a click.

What’s more, all SMS were delivered from “lvlaoshi”, without revealing her private mobile number. That’s thanks to SMS rebranding from Hoiio.

Programmer as a Spouse

Not the first time a programmer husband saved a non-programmer wife.

You have any story to share?

Leave them in the comments, and I could one day write a book on that.