Why buy GoPro Silver Edition? Why not White or Black?

Published on May 3, 2013

As you might know, I bought a GoPro Hero 3 camera not long ago.

I got a Silver Edition, plus 2 extra mounts (head mount and tripod mount), for a total of $320 USD (includes shipping fee to Singapore) from Scuba.com. It arrived shortly in 1 week.

One might wonder why I choose the Silver Edition?

My reasons (for choosing Silver over White):

  • Initially, I want to buy the (low-end) white edition, as I am a newbie to this gadget.
  • However, further research tells me the quality varies greatly between white and silver.
  • Silver has protune mode - more dynamic footage
  • Hero 3 White is worse than the obviously older Hero 2.. Even Hero 2 has protune mode.
  • Silver has a 2 more mounting accessories: J-Hook buckle and 3-way Pivot arm

My reasons (for choosing Silver over Black):

  • I don’t need support for simultaneously taking photo while recording video
  • I don’t need superior movie quality mode - 1440p and 4K cinema
  • The only extra accessory is the Wi-Fi Remote ($80) - which the iPhone app can do the same

My biggest motivation probably came from my girlfriend.

After telling her that I want to buy a Hero3 White edition, she told me:

Wait till next year, then get a better (version) one.

I told her:

Life short, don’t wait.

So I took half of her advise, upgraded to Silver, and bought right away from Scuba.com.