GoPro Hero 3 - Unbox Starting Guide

Published on April 30, 2013

After pondering for a few nights, I decided to buy myself a birthday present - a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition!

While GoPro is definitely awesome, I was taken back by it’s user guide. In fact, a lack of one, other than a note asking you to download from their website.

I could have broke a thing or two if I am the type of user who refused to RTFM..

So, I here am sharing 4 tips when you unbox this gadget.

1. How to remove GoPro Hero3 from the housing/case?

First, don’t force open. It’s not very obvious, even with the 2 arrows.

Watch this video.

2. Don’t remove the piece of paper flap on the battery

When you unbox the battery, you will find a paper flap around the battery. I almost thought it is a wrap and going to tear it apart.

Luckily not. It is a flap to help to pull the battery out of the camera!

3. Summary of the manual

While I think we should usually read the manual, it is this kind of user manual from GoPro that make users hate it.

It didn’t mention critical problems that users will encountered while unboxing (such as the 2 problems above).

And it is long winded.

So here’s my short version:

  • There are only 2 buttons:
    • Shuttle button - the red one at the top
    • Mode/Power button - at the front
  • Press Mode button repeatedly to change to certain mode or navigate to setting
  • Press Shuttle button to mean “Okay”
  • Press and hold Shuttle to exit

PS: I can’t get a Google Glass. At least I can be a hero (: