My New iPhone 5 - Taller and Lighter

Published on September 22, 2012

I have added iPhone 5 to my Apple Family (:

It is obviously a replacement to my 2-year old iPhone 4, which has become extremely slow. The sluggishness might be a user problem, as I have over 300 apps, 10 email accounts, etc.

My Choice

I recontracted with M1 with the new iPhone Value+ at $39/mth.

I choose to buy White iPhone with 16 GB, which cost $430. For 32 GB, you need to fork out additional $150, which I don’t think is worth it, and is something even a heavy user like me can live without.

I also continue with Corporate plan, which gives 10% discount off the $39/mth, and free Caller-ID-Display for 12 months. They have reduced corporate discount from 20% to 10%, suck thumb. Anyway if you have 3 M1 lines under the same name, you could switch to multi-line saver anytime, which gives 25% discount.

The Nano SIM was activated immediately. I paid $26.75 for it. No more cutting on my own. Anyway, only the new nano SIM comes with 4G.

Buying Experience

I chose to go AMK Hub which is a M1 authorized shop. They have 4 counters, and the good thing is that they have queue number, so you don’t have to stupidly stand and wait. There is even a coffee bean opposite.

Here’s my timeline.

  • Friday 4pm
    • Got a queue number in 5 minute
    • Spent the rest of time shopping and eating
  • Friday 10pm
    • Still got 90 people ahead of me
    • At they rate of serving 8 people per hour, I am expected to be served at 8am..
    • But they will close at 3am..
    • Staff told us they will give priority to us the next day when shop opens at 11am
    • So I went home
  • Saturday 11am
    • Exchanged for a new queue number, which is next!
    • Anyway, there is a long queue of 30 people waiting to get queue number
  • Saturday 11.10am
    • Took 15 minutes to settle and pay
    • Did not buy screen protector nor case

Rather happy that they honoured and give priority on the next morning :)

The staff will persuade you to buy screen protector at $15 and casing at $19. That’s how they earn commission. I chose not to buy from them.

Screen protector is not necessary. My 2-year old iPhone 4 does not have one scratch.

I prefer a simple cheap casing (without flaps) to protect the back. $10 should get a nice one.

What’s New

For me, the greatest innovation coming from the new iPhone are these:

  • Faster
  • Taller screen
  • Thinner and lighter
  • New earphone
  • New Lightning connector
  • 4G
    Actually, there’s no innovation, and with breaking changes, but still a great phone with the best OS.

PS: We should aspire to be thinner, lighter, taller and faster