A Doctor Who Develop Apps

Published on September 27, 2011

I attended HP WebOS Connect in Singapore hoping to know about the future of WebOS (and also carrying a hope of winning a TouchPad through a raffle).

Unfortunately, they were tight lipped about the WebOS future during a firesale. (Neither did I win any of the 10 TouchPad..)

However, something left me with a deep impression that night.

There is a presenter, Dr Alan Teh, a Consultant Haematologist, who talked about WebOS that night. At first, I thought it is a mistake.

A doctor, as in a practitioner, talking about mobile development? How does that make any sense?

It turned out Dr Alan Teh is no doubt a doctor, who took an interest in coding rather than golfing. He developed WebOS apps simply because he wanted to use them on his Palm Pre.

I presume he is at the age of 50, with family, and with a busy occupation. Yet he had created more than 20 apps! Full time developers ought to be ashamed for not developing more apps than Dr Alan Teh!