Lenovo 24hr Android Hackathon

Published on September 19, 2011

I participated in Lenovo Code-a-thon, an event which let developers fight it out over 24hr, while creating Android tablet apps.

The last time that I joined a 24hr hackathon was 4 years ago, in a game development competition.

This time, I joined as a one-man-show team, and develop on Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet.

But Levono hackathon did not disappoint.

The event was very well organized – nice classrooms to work in, good auditorium for presentation, lots of helpful staff, and awesome lunch/supper/breakfast/snacks! The only peeve I had was with the Wifi on very slow ADSL.

And I was proud to finish Poll On The Go! Some screenshots:

Unfortunately, I did not win any prize :( But it is still a great contest for me :)

Spending first half of my time to get my server-end working, then starting on my Android app only after midnight, and finally presenting in the morning… all without a wink of sleep… I felt like superhuman!