I prefer Nicole Seah over Tin Pei Ling

Published on April 22, 2011

Between Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah, I felt, rationally, that Nicole Seah is a better candidate to be a MP.

  • Nicole is more eloquent and mature. Just refer to Nicole’s video vs Tin’s video, and there is a clear winner.
  • Nicole is more real and down-to-earth, judging from her vulgarity tweets, and deleted blog.
  • Nicole talks to us. She is better in connecting with Gen Y, as can be seen in how she participate in social media.

Here I would elaborate on the 3rd point to show that Nicole talks to us, unlike Tin Pei Ling.

Recently, Nicole posted about an outage to their NSP website, which I commented, asking if it could be under attack. Within minutes, she replied gracefully to me, clearing any sinister behavior.

This is totally unlike Tin Pei Ling page, where Tin post stuff on her wall, but never reply to a single comment. That is very one-sided communication. Poor use of social platform.

To Tin: